The Missile Dick Chicks Take on America A Musical Documentary

Frustrated by an America silenced by fear and betrayed by its own government, a group of women artists and activists from New York City travel the country to provoke dialogue about war, greed and abuses of power. Trail of Feathers is a call for creative action, a psychological portrait of trauma, and a window onto US culture during the Bush administration. Shot and Directed by Randi Cecchine Edited by Jill Woodward

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 End of year Update

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the film over the years. Shooting began in 2003 and I have shot over 350 hours of tape. We now have a 90 minute rough cut of the film that has entertained and inspired audiences.

2009 was a time of reflection for me - on January 19th we had a screening of a work-in-progress of Trail of Feathers at Anthology Film Archives after which I decided to take a break from the two years of editing. That night he Missile Dick Chicks had what might be their final performance - concluding in the takining off of their wigs and missile dicks.

The end of the Bush administration and a new set of political considerations has meant reconsidering the goals and potential of the film. I look forward to raising the funds to step back into the editing room with fresh eyes to make the film a strong and timeless story about the impact, process and inner motivation of a group of committed and creative activists.

In April the International Women's Film Festival in Seoul screened the film which was a big hit in the activist women's community there. Unfortunately on the same day a very sad tragedy hit the Missile Dick Chick family- Haideen Anderson's husband Tom Kennedy- a brilliant art car artist who partnered with the Missile Dick Chicks in the summer of 2008 in a grand tour in his Missile Truck, was killed in a swimming accident in the Pacific Ocean. Our heart goes out to Haideen and everyone else in Tom's very large community.

I hope to honor Tom's spirit, and inspire audience with a new cut of the film that will reach a wider audience and be a reflection back into the Bush administration- a time that many of us have wanted to forget. I think the lessons learned then will become increasingly important in our changing world, and I appreciate your help in sharing this fascinating and provocative sliver of the American experience.

All my best for a peaceful 2010,

Randi Cecchine
New York City

Monday, April 13, 2009

Greetings from Korea

Greetings From Seoul, Korea where the movie is having its world Premier at the 11th Annual International Women's Film Festival, one of the leading Women's Film Festivals in the world.  The first screening on April 12 went very well- and I enjoyed a long Q and A session after.  Local activists were inspired by the creativity of the Missile Dick Chicks and seem hungry to imagine new ways of encouraging political dialogue in Korea.  More information coming soon! 


Watch the trailer!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Amsterdam Update

Trail of Feathers was featured in the 2008 IDFA Docs for Sale Market!

We enjoyed our time in Amsterdam and made contact with some interested festivals and distributors. We also met some great filmmaker friends.
We were very lucky to be joined by the Missile Dick Chicks themselves! All the way from Crawford, Texas!

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Thanks for your interest!